Primark Is Selling Disney Halloween Outfits And They're So Cheap

Halloween is officially just around the corner, and many of us already know exactly what we're wearing. Maybe you've bought your costume? Maybe you've just got an idea in your head?

Well get rid of all of it as Primark has brought out a range of Disney outfits and they're so cheap.


Never mind Halloween, I'll be rocking these babies when I'm doing the dishes, or doing the food shop, or even picking up my nephew from school. Well yes, Sandra the school teacher. I am Tinkerbell today. Is that a problem?

Disneyfind on Facebook managed to track down this image and it's everything we could have ever wanted.

Credit: Disneyfind/Facebook

I can see Minnie Mouse, Belle, Tinkerbell and even Cruella De Vil. Amazing.

From the picture, it looks as though they're all £15 and I am very happy about that. Plus, is it just me, or does the Minnie outfit look incredible with those boots and socks? I am genuinely considering wearing that for work.

Apparently, this picture was snapped in the Manchester city centre branch of Primark. There's no word yet on whether the outfits will be heading to other stores, so for the time being it may mean a trip to Manchester for most of you.

Credit: Primark

One fan wrote: "I don't know how but I'm getting this dress," while another added: "I need to get one of these".

However, not everyone is thrilled with the outfits. Honestly, there's no pleasing some of you people.

One unimpressed fan wrote: "I don't get it, Halloween is supposed to be scary. Why would anyone dress like this for Halloween? Missing the point".

While another replied to the comment: "I thought the same, Halloween is meant to be scary, monsters witches and skeletons. Not princesses".

Nope, Halloween's about having a laugh and dressing up however you like. Come on, ladies. No one likes a grump.


Happy Halloween.

Featured Image Credit: Disneyfind/realnsmith/Disney

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