ASOS Has Welcomed Its First Disabled Model And People Are Loving It

ASOS is often ahead of the curve when it comes to its fashion options and now it looks like the online retailer has extended its campaigns to include those with disabilities too.

Shoppers of the fashion giant's website have noticed that a model in a wheelchair now features on their site, marking a huge change in the way clothes are marketed.

Taking to Twitter, the snaps immediately got a lot of attention where fans praised the company for its decision to be more inclusive with its choice of models, as well as for its clothes.

Credit: ASOS
Credit: ASOS

One user tweeted: "I think this is the first time I've ever seen a disabled model featured like this in fashion advertising. Bloody brilliant @ASOS."

Another added: "ASOS saw that twitter story about that [sic] disabled folk want to make retail easier and LISTENED. Show people sitting down in clothes!"

"@ASOS leading the way! This is honestly the first time I have ever seen a disabled model in a 'normal' set up, rather than a special one off to gain attention. So happy my ASOS addiction is fuelling a forward thinking, caring business #equality #DisabilityRights."

Credit: ASOS
Credit: ASOS

There's been a lot of buzz recently about people with disabilities feeling marginalised by retail and fashion companies, and being limited in their options.

The Guardian recently published an article questioning: "Why are there more clothing lines for dogs than disabled people?"

The article commented on how difficult it can be to purchase 'adaptable clothing' for those with specific requirements.

The debate is hot off the back of high-street stores working to become more inclusive for their shoppers.

From cosmetics for all skin colours to plus-size clothing, it looks like inclusivity is what's really trending in the fashion world right now, and it's about time really.


A round of applause for ASOS, please!

Featured Image Credit: ASOS

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