You Can Buy A 'Game Of Thrones' Chair For Your Pet - And It's Already In Our Basket

They bark and you feed them, they sit on your lap and you rub that tummy (no matter how much mud they've tracked into the house). Don't kid yourself that you're queen of your home and castle. Chances are there's a far furrier ruler holding court. So this new Iron Throne pet bed is perfect to allow them to recline on in style as they watch over all they rule.

Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets
Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets

In honour of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, which premieres in April 14th 2019, one Etsy shop owner is bringing the wars of Westeros to our living rooms with an Iron Throne Pet Bed.

The pet bed is being sold by MadeForPets on Etsy, the home of creative talents who make and sell completely cool, but largely useless stuff.

It looks (a little bit) like the sword-covered Iron Throne, the most uncomfortable chair anyone has ever fought over sitting upon, but being made of cosy fleece, is presumably a lot comfier and more worth fighting for.

The pet bed should prove more popular for a good nap than for gaining power over the Seven Kingdoms.

Yes at £212.8 plus £18 shipping to the UK from the Ukraine it's pricey - but hey, they're four-legged royalty.

And your pet doesn't have to be as massive in size and stature as Jon Snow's Ghost to fit into one of these cushy little pop culture references, measuring in at 60 x 43 х 80 cm.

Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets
Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets

And, let's face it, the fact that they sometimes pee in the living room and claw the sofa means they're nowhere near as loyal as Ghost either.

The Etsy creator, who also makes pet beds in the shape of rocket spaceships, Christmas trees, Japanese pergolas, submarines and - get this - the Instagram logo admits she has a customer's idea to thank for the concept, adding, "I had a lot of fun while making it."

Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets
Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets

She promised all pets who sit upon the cuddly Iron Throne will "become the star of Instagram with this bed", which comes with a cushion made with a special material cats love to claw, apparently.

Just imagine your pet sitting on it and saying, "Because that's what I do. I sh*t and I know things." Wor

Featured Image Credit: Etsy/MadeForPets

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