Summer is almost here, people! Which means it's time to get working on your beach bod and prepare to have some well deserved fun in the sun.


And what could possibly be more fun than chilling in a pool on one of these bad boys?

Allow me to introduce you to the Pool Pup! The eco-friendly float was designed by Kool Pool, an independent company who are raising funds on Kickstarter to help get their designs into 'every pool, river and water venue in the world!'

So far, the guys have raised $3,535 and are hoping to hit a target of $10,000 in 15 days time.


But don't worry, if sausage dog floats aren't really your thing, check out these...






The creator was inspired to draw up the wacky designs after feeling fed up with the typical floats found in high street stores.

He said:

So there I was..... sitting in an obnoxiously long line at Urban Outfitters. In my hand, a donut float. The person in front of me had a donut float too, and to my surprise the person to my rear had a donut float. A line of people, all with the same float. In the donut's defense, it's great. Who doesn't love Homer Simpson? The point is, our options were limited. Our only choices being a pizza slice, a donut, a swan and a flamingo.

After a few uses over one summer, the thin material lost it's luster and left me feeling disappointed in my purchase. Then KABOOM! During this moment of frustration I had an idea. What if we didn't want donuts? Or swans? Or pieces of pizza? I certainly didn't. Especially when they have been manufactured lacking the quality expected to justify the price.

With limited options available to me and having a background in product design, I decided that I would come up with my own floats. What started out as a fun project, soon blossomed into a real and original pool float company with a multitude of fun and functional, high quality designs.

We want them all!

Featured Image Credit: Kool Pool

Sian Broderick

Sian is the Junior Editor of Pretty52. She loves crap telly, anything leopard print, and never leaves the house without her gold hoops.

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