Rescue Dog Botches Agility Course But Has Fun Anyway

Sometimes it's hard to maintain a positive attitude when you're having a bad day, but this dog should serve as an inspiration to us all.

Baron Kratu von Bearbum (Kratu for short) is a Romanian rescue dog who won over the crowd at a dog agility event.

Kratu, by no means aced the agility course. In fact, he had utterly failed the entire thing, but his happy-go-lucky attitude and enthusiasm pleased audiences so much that nobody cared.

In a video of the event, he is seen continually missing hurdles but walking around them, hiding in the tunnels and taking breaks at the sidelines to interact with people.

Credit: Crufts
Credit: Crufts

He continued the course gleefully unaware of just how bad he was doing, but having an excellent time nonetheless. The crowd and the commentators loved him, and after watching the video, it's likely that you will too.

"He is a natural clown and performer," his owner said in an interview for Crufts. "He is quite naughty, too. "Hiding under my clothes when I get dressed and squealing. He loves a ball. He loves squeaky toys. Doing what he wants when he feels like it. He is a free spirit which cannot be contained."

Credit: YouTube/Crufts
Credit: YouTube/Crufts

Kratu has always done his own thing. His owner explains that he was very difficult to train and has always had a mind of his own.

However, she is very proud of what he has achieved and says that he made her a better owner.

"As a teenager he was incredibly hard to train! He was so stubborn and determined to do what he wanted," she says. "He is a natural clown which makes it interesting and fun. If he doesn't like something he won't do it. He really loves to please me but mostly himself!"

Credit: YouTube/Crufts
Credit: YouTube/Crufts

His loveable energy and approach to just enjoying the experience regardless of how well he might do is definitely the kind of energy we all need to channel a bit more.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Crufts

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