Cats are famous for being stubborn, moody, independent, and not really taking instruction very well. Still, for cat owners, they're cute, fluffy balls of fun.

However, when you're trying to clean the house and your cat keeps attacking the duster, it can be kind of difficult. Almost enough to make you wish there was a way you could make cats sit like you can with dogs!

Well, according to one Twitter user (well, her mum) there is a way! Simply draw a little box on the floor and your cat will jump straight in:

And other Twitter users were shocked to discover that the trick really does work:

According to some people cats do this because if you mark a special area they see it as a new place to explore so they want to take over!

Have you ever noticed this trick working with your cat? Sound off in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Jack Rear

Jack is a writer at Pretty52. His hobbies include charging admission at weddings and eating glitter. Rumour has it he was thrown out of Taylor Swift's squad for showing too much belly button.

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