This Little Bulldog Has Become A Viral Sensation After Absolutely Smashing An Agility Course

Rightly or wrongly, dog breeds get stereotyped. Toy poodle: fussy. German Shepherd: fiercely protective. Greyhound: a nervous ball of energy. But did you ever think you'd see a bulldog smash an agility course? No. It's time to get woke, because this little pet nailed it this weekend.

At Westminster Dog Show on this Sunday, this little guy, called Rudy, proved all the haters wrong by defying his breed's stereotypes of being lazy and slow when he whizzed round an agility course faster than a speeding bulldog.

He stunned both the audience and the Internet into silence and proved that, sometimes, bulldogs aren't so lazy, after all.

Sadly, little Rudy didn't win the race, but let's face it, he's a winner in our eyes and he certainly gave it all he'd got.

As you might expect, social media users came out in droves to show their support for the little bulldog that could.

One person tweeted: "Nope just proves though when it comes to dogs don't believe stereotypes!"

While another said: "Wow, I was not expecting that!"

A third commented: "This is a thing I never expected to see. And I love the HELL out of it!"

Some bulldog owners were left shocked by Rudy's performance: "I didn't even know bulldogs could run and I have two!!"

Others claimed they'd "never seen one get off the couch".

Not all the comments were positive with some social media comments saying that Rudy had let the cat out of the bag as to a bulldog's agility levels.

One joked: "Rudy done messed it up for every lazy bulldog out there"

And some are expecting big things from Rudy in the future: "Don't worry, Rudy - we're still proud of you, buddy. Maybe next year you can even get yourself on that podium, too..."

Turns out even an old favourite of a dog breed can show you some new tricks from time to time.

Featured Image Credit: Westminster Dog Show

Amelia Jones

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