Upcycling is the up-and-coming thing these days, and we love it! How cool is it to basically recycle, and breathe new life into something that is a little tired and shabby? It's awesome!

Not only is upcycling a really cute, and environmentally friendly way of getting your craft on, it can also lead to making some wonderful things and can be so much fun too! You can pretty much upcycle anything, from chairs and garden benches to clothes and shoes!

However, if you're not feeling up to a huge challenge such as upcycling a dining set or ripping your clothes to shreds, then why not give these little guys a go?

Credit: Rachel Gascoigne

Very simple, yet very cute, they'll make a perfect addition to your desk or window sill. If you have a plant that needs a new home then these will do the job perfectly! You could even get the kids involved with making them too.

Here's what you'll need:

1 x plastic bottle

1 x paintbrush

1 x dry-erase marker

Acrylic paints (colours of your choice)

Permanent markers


Step One:

Remove the label from your plastic bottle and rinse it clean. Next, use a dry-erase marker to draw a cat or any other animal shape on the bottle.

Take some scissors and carefully cut out the animal. You can also pierce some drainage holes at this stage if you'd like, too.

Wipe off the marker.

Credit: Rachel Gascoigne

Step Two:

Grab your acrylic paint and start painting! I did one coat and then used a hairdryer to quickly dry the layers as I painted them. It took about four coats for a nice even finish.

Once done, leave the bottle to dry for a couple of hours.

Next, take some permanent markers and draw your little animal buddy a face!

Pot your plant when everything is all dry, I'd recommend leaving it overnight.

Credit: Rachel Gascoigne

What do you think? Will you be making a little buddy to join you on your desk?

Written by Rachel Gascoigne

Featured Image Credit: Rachel Gascoigne

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