Reddit Users Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Adorable 'Oreo' Dogs

Dog owners have been sharing pictures of their Oreo-coloured pups on Reddit and they are just too cute.

Everyone loves Oreos and cute puppies, so it's no surprise that Reddit users are going wild for this latest thread.

Pet-lovers have been sharing pictures of their dogs who have a mixture of a white and black colouring that make them look like the canine version of an Oreo.

The thread was started by one user who shared the most adorable picture of a puppy covered in white and black markings.

They simply captioned the thread: "Behold, a rare Oreo cloud," and the sweet pictures started rolling in from there.

One user wrote: "And suddenly I want something cookies and cream."

While a second added: "The colouring is amazing."

After all of the gushing comments, dog owners started sharing pictures of their own pets with cookies and cream fur.

One Reddit user shared a picture of their 'dog child', writing: "This is my glorious dog-child. I drove out of state to rescue him. He was returned twice by his previous adopters, and spent his first year of his life basically in a small kennel at a vet's office.

"It pains me greatly that I never saw what he looked like as a puppy. I was hoping the shelter would have some old photos as they originally adopted him out as a baby (to these morons who let him almost die of pneumonia).

"So I live for posts like this with speckly-faced puppies. Your Oreo Cloud is a delight, 12/10, would squish. Enjoy that pupper and take a million photos."

Another user shared a picture of their Oreo dog fast asleep on the sofa and our hearts can't cope.

The little dark spots on his belly and dark markings on his face just make us want to cuddle and squeeze the pup.

A third user shared the most adorable picture of their little husky and Blue Merle Collie cross puppy.

The dog owner simply wrote, 'Meet Diego' and we now officially want our very own Oreo dog!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/kezzie87/mac_is_crack

Bethany Gleave

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