There are some people in this world who make it their mission to approach every endeavour with zeal and passion.

Jason Shoffman falls into that category. The 31-year-old made the mammoth decision to propose to his girlfriend, Simone Golumb, 25, who 'loves everything Disney'.

So it was only natural that he gave the love of his life a proposal inspired by one of her great passions.

Shoffman created a one-of-a-kind Disney exhibition for his fiancée, showcasing images depicting special moments and occasions from their relationship in the style of iconic Disney films.

There were also actors on hand, to make it seem like a genuine exhibition, and lots of champagne, of course.

The whole plan was almost ruined, however, when the original gallery where Hoffman planned to stage the proposal pulled out just days before. Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, he said,

The manager of the event space rang me saying they couldn't do it because they were worried about taking their artwork off the wall as it was very valuable. I was fuming. Luckily, I found another gallery we bonded over our Pomeranian dogs.
Shoffman also captured the occasion on film, which has now gone viral. You can watch it below.

But that wasn't Shoffman's only gesture. He also flew his fiancée's parents from Glasgow to London, where the proposal took place, so that they could be a part of it. Take note gents, take note.

And as for the big day itself, it sounds like there are many more surprises to come,

I can be sneaky little rat when I want to. I want the wedding to stand-out in people's minds, but this time I'll be surprising the guests too.

We're not sure that a 'sneaky little rat' is a good quality in a person, but we'll let him off for that incredibly beautiful proposal.

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