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Dog Inundated With Support From Fellow Pooches On Twitter Before Tumour Surgery

A dog owner and his pooch have been inundated with adorable messages of goodwill from pets and their masters around the world after posting about an upcoming tumour operation on Twitter.

Jeff Crain, from Atlanta, uploaded a short clip of his pup, Abe, along with the message: "Hey everyone, my dog is having surgery on Friday to have a tumor removed. Please send him positive vibes. He's the best thing I know."


The post very quickly went viral with more than 100,000 likes, retweets and comments.

"Everything is going to be ok, my dog sent you two a big hug," wrote Luis Mijangos, from Guatemala.

"This is Zoey, she had a tumor removed from her back leg a couple months ago!" Kalli Spisak from Cleveland, Ohio, added. "She told me to tell your pup good luck."

And Danielle said: "These three pups are wishing your dog all the love and positivity they can hold in their little puppy hearts."


Overwhelmed by all the lovely messages, Jeff added later: "Thank you to everyone who has been so nice to this dude. It is the best and he and I are both feeling VERY optimistic about tomorrow!! Please love people like you love my dog."

This comes just days after another four-legged furry friend went viral on Twitter, when a Harry Potter-obsessed dog owner taught her clever pooch to respond to spells from J.K. Rowling's magical universe.

Actor and YouTuber Anna Brisbin, from Los Angeles, uploaded a video of her longhaired mini daschund, called Remus, responding to the Harry Potter-themed commands - and the internet has completely fallen in love.

The cute little pup plays dead, fetches and pees in response to certain spells.

Remus, who shares his name with Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher Professor Lupin, is even seen sporting an adorable little Hogwarts jumper and tie in the social media clip.

The video has been viewed more than 850,000 times on Twitter and it's attracted heaps of praise from impressed Potter fans.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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