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Get Your Spook On With This D-I-Y Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wreath

It's finally October, guys! And that can mean only one thing, Halloween is back!

Everybody is getting into the super spooky groove; the pumpkins are in the shops, Pinterest has become a stockpile of scary costume ideas, and Haribo has never been on offer as much as it is now.

But what every Halloween party needs, is some frighteningly fabulous décor accessories, and here at Pretty52, we've created one of the best: a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween wreath!


Super scary, yet super cute, we are in love with this Tim Burton inspired D-I-Y, and if you feel the same, you can learn how to make it below:

You'll need:

  • White and black wool
  • A polystyrene wreath
  • A polystyrene ball
  • Card and white paper
  • Felt
  • A black
  • Sharpie Glue Gun

Step One:

Grab your wreath and your wool. Cut about 20cm of wool off the yarn and begin to wrap it around the wreath. You can glue down one end of your wool at the back of the wreath whilst your wrap, then glue the second end down once the wool is wrapped nice and tightly around. Repeat till the polystyrene is covered.


Step Two:

Next, take your cardboard and carefully mark out a circle shape, small enough to fit onto the wreath, but big enough to add creative effect; I drew around a small glass. Once you've marked them out, grab some wool, and alternating colours, wrap strands around the inside of the cardboard circle, creating a woollen swirl as shown in the picture. Use the glue gun to stick the strands down. Then when everything has dried, cut out the circles.

Step Three:

Now you can make yourself Jack's bow tie and his head! Grab the polystyrene ball and draw out his face, copying from the internet if you prefer. I also sketched out the facial features with pencil before going over them in Sharpie (I can only apologise for my terrible drawing skills.)

For the bow tie, take the felt and cut out a bat-like shape, again use the internet for inspiration. Then once you have your outline, add white detailing with the paper, such as eyes and parts of the wings.

Step Four:

We're almost finished! Grab all your parts and begin to lay them out in an arrangement your happy with, you can take inspiration from the pictures too! Once you have a layout, grab your glue gun and get sticking everything down!!

Take some excess wool or black ribbon and create a hanging strand, so you can hang the wreath over your door!

Happy Halloween!

Written by Rachel Gascoigne

All Image Credits: Rachel Gascoigne

Topics: Awesome, D-I-Y, DIY, Cute, Spooky, halloween, Scary

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