Build-A-Bear Has Officially Added A Unicorn To Their Stores

No matter what anyone says, you're never too old for a fun little trip to Build-A-Bear.

There's just something magical about being able to create your own teddy bear from scratch, even if you are officially classed as an adult and probably shouldn't own a mountain of plush toys.

Credit: Build-A-Bear
Credit: Build-A-Bear

Well, now the children's bear company has announced that they've added a unicorn to their list - and people are going wild over it. It seems the unicorn trend is still well and truly alive, and we're here for it.

They also sell a Colour Craze Unicorn, for those of you who don't just want to stop the buying at one. Why have just one when you could build your own army of plush teddies? That's my mantra.

Colour Craze Unicorn, , hi-res
Colour Craze Unicorn, , hi-res

The Colour Craze teddy bear and Enchanted unicorn both retail at £19.50, which while it seems a bit steep also pays for the process to create your very own little buddy from start to finish.

Plus, you can then add the options of whether or not you want to add a cute smell to the you, or even a familiar sounding voice.

The possibilities are endless.

Featured Image Credit: Build-A-Bear Workshop

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