Remember Little Inez From Hairspray? She Doesn't Look Like This Anymore...

Hairspray is definitely one of our favourite musicals ever. Worlds apart from the dreary mood of Les Misérables and the angsty ridiculousness of Grease, Hairspray is fun, joyful musicals at their best.

It's one of those films that you can't help but smile at. Plus it had a really important message about diversity and respecting people regardless of the colour of their skin.

And one of the central figures in that message was Little Inez Stubbs played by Taylor Parks. Little Inez was a dancer who wanted to appear on television, but was unable to because of the colour of her skin. However, by the film's end, Little Inez finally achieved her dreams.

And while Little Inez went on to fulfil her dreams of being a professional dancer, the actor who played her, Taylor Parks, otherwise known as Tayla Parx has gone on to achieve some even more spectacular feats.

Her music career really took off and she's appeared on tracks with Ariana Grande, J-Lo, Jason Derulo, Pentatonix, Mariah Carey, The Internet, Fifth Harmony, & Chris Brown. Aside from that, she's also been able to co-write music with artists including Leanne Rimes, DJ Mustard, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Meghan Trainor.

Plus she's grown up in a big way!

Tayla Parx, everyone; living the life the rest of us wish we had!

Jack Rear

Jack is a writer at Pretty52. His hobbies include charging admission at weddings and eating glitter. Rumour has it he was thrown out of Taylor Swift's squad for showing too much belly button.

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