Professor Green (aka Stephen Manderson) has shown his softer side after posting an adorable picture of him and his girlfriend to celebrate their year anniversary.

He's in a relationship with Fae Williams, and to be completely fair to them, they are super cute.

He captioned the pic: "This time last year you were calling in sick to work. We were one then, we are one now. #itsjustaplayonwords #oneyearoldtoday #alreadysickofyoutbf #youarentthebestteamakerandyouovercookpasta"

Aww how nice is that?

Credit: Instagram

She returned the favour by posting her own Instagram post...

Credit: Instagram

And captioned it: ":kiss:Eating pasta at @marcelladeptford on Saturday with him.. #1year"

Awww, you guys. I hope it wasn't overcooked though.

It's not all been sunshine and lollipops for Pro Green recently. He took to Instagram this week to kick off after his car was vandalised. Yikes...

Credit: Instagram

He uploaded the footage of his Mercedes and launched a foul-mouthed rant about 'people'.

As you can hear in the video, he doesn't hold back. At all. I'd hate to be walking past when he discovered that.

He captioned the post: "Excuse my language. I went to acupuncture last night and this happens... I HATE PEOPLE. Whoever you are, you're a knob. I hope someone scratches your entire life. Grey and white paint, 99% chance it was a man driving a white van."

One fan retorted: "Not all van drivers are c**ts bruv."

The majority of commenters expressed their rage on his behalf, with one saying: "It's not about how much it cost someone. It's the lack of respect others have got for people's property! Shameful. I think you were polite with you swear words!"

Another added: "Really bloody annoys me. It sucks when you work hard for the things you have and people do this."

A third fan said: "i really hope they see this an didnt realise the car was yours there will be a glorious moment when their guts drop an they realise it wasnt celebs car (cringe) will feel such a weasle. If i did that id feel a c*nt anyway but to then realise its your car too id die! [sic]"

Yeah, that's fair.

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