Gaz Beadle has opened up in a brilliantly honest video to his fans in the run up to his Geordie Shore return.

As we know, the show is recorded months prior to it being broadcast, so things can change.

He's going back into the house in scenes to be shown on Tuesday and he admits that he 'acts single' throughout...

Credit: Instagram/Gaz Beadle

Fair play to him for being so honest about it. Yeah, the way he ended things with Emma was awful, but the pair are clearly back on track now. I'd hate to be Emma watching those scenes, though.

The pair recently announced the news of their new baby, and Gaz has even already claimed that he knows whether he's having a boy or girl.

In a Snapchat video, he said: "Also quick one... I know the sex of the baby, and I'm not going to tell any of yous!"

Credit: Snapchat/gaz2270

As you can see, he even hinted that the baby might be due as soon as this winter.

However, you can't get anything past us fans. Especially when Gaz dropped a hint about the baby's sex which was as blatantly obvious as this.

He recently posted a pic of him dressed in head-to-toe pink, which was captioned: "The colour pink is growing on me."

"It's a girl 100%," posted one certain fan, while another added: "He's defos having a girl [sic]."

A third follower wrote: "So a hint they're having a daughter!"

"He's having a girl!!! It's too cute," added a final user.

However some of his fans thought Gaz was playing games with them, and trying to throw everyone off the scent. I wouldn't put it past him, tbh.

One user commented: "Bet he's tricking us bet it's a boy!"

However, Emma also recently tweeted this...

But it looks like she originally tweeted with a certain emoji at the end...

Credit: Twitter

So... a girl?!

Anyway, Gaz announced the happy baby news on Instagram back in August, sharing a picture of himself and his girlfriend, captioned: "SO SO SO excited to eventually be able to tell you all this... I AM GOING TO BE A DAD... WE ARE HAVING A BABY... I love kids and literally can't wait for this new adventure... argghhhh literally no words SOOOO HAPPY!!!"

We're so happy for them both.

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