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The London Cab Delivering Tampons To Homeless Women

Two fifths of girls have had to rely on using toilet roll over proper tampons or towels because they don't have the money to pay for sanitary products a phenomenon dubbed period poverty.

But campaigner Holly Bantleman from Project Period, a collaboration of campaigners, protesters and practitioners fighting against the issue, hopes to end period poverty with a black cab she's given a pink makeover for the cause.

The pink London taxi is emblazoned with kitsch images of Mooncups, sanitary towels, tampons and the movement's hashtag and Instagram handle to encourage you to post about it.


It will be driving around London until December 19th as a regular, working taxi to raise awareness of period poverty in the UK and globally.


And, of course, it'll also be making some drop offs along its route to hand out 5,000 sanitary products to women and girls in need in the capital's homeless shelters.

The idea came to Holly this summer when she was sipping a cocktail in the sunshine and she saw a cab with a pink advertisement on the side drive past.

Through working with the organisation Holly has witnessed the devastating impact period poverty has on women and girls globally.

Thousands of girls around the world miss school when their on their period, which can have serious implications on their education.

The overuse of sanitary products can also lead to health complications with 48% saying it has impacted their health causing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Holly hopes the taxi will get people talking about the cause and encourage them to act by donating or volunteering at organisations helping end period poverty.

Hail down the cab or just snap a picture and post before Wednesday, 19th December 2018. Also visit Project Period to find out how the organisations are working together to build a movement providing period products to women and girls who need them regardless of where they are or how much money they have.

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